We are considering offering new services to our valued customers and we are preparing the infrastructure for this.

Defective led labs from the day we started to work, but that's it, but we have always done the repair of the region, we couldn't solve it, then we had led labs we designed ourselves, when we got good returns from them, we added manufacturing to the repair, including all kinds of led lamps, boats, pools, gardens, houses, hotels, etc. we started to produce and we follow the developments and technology, and the latest now we produce labs that work with solar solar energy, we started to file our productions in the digital environment in order to help manufacturers like us and our friends who want to start their own business and looking for additional income, we started to file our productions in these files, the drawings, the construction stages, the necessary materials, you will be able to access all the information, preparations are underway. Life is beautiful when shared.

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