The Big Design: Decorating Walls Like Paintings

The Big Design: Duvarları Resim Gibi Süslemek

Entrance: The walls of your home are an indispensable part of interior decoration. Wall decoration can influence the atmosphere of the room, add character and reflect your personal style. In this article, we will discover the subtleties and trends of decorating walls like paintings.


1. Paintings and Works of Art:

  • You can use paintings and artwork to create a focal point in a room or add a personal statement.
  • You can create a unique look by painting your own paintings or displaying the works of your favorite artists.

2. Photos and Memories:

  • You can create a memory album on the walls by displaying your personal memories and family photos in frames.
  • You can try special concepts such as a themed photo wall or family tree.

3. Abstract Art:

  • Abstract paintings can add a modern and contemporary feel to the walls.
  • You can create an abstract work of art using color, pattern and shape.

Wallpapers and Stickers:

1. Wallpapers:

  • Wallpapers can give a room a quick transformation.
  • You can choose from a variety of patterns, such as nature scenes, geometric patterns, or a map of your favorite city.

2. Vinyl Stickers:

  • Vinyl stickers are ideal for adding quick and temporary decoration to your walls.
  • You can use thematic stickers for children's rooms or offices.

Accessories and Shelf Systems:

1. Shelf Systems:

  • You can display your books, plants or decorative objects by adding shelving systems to your walls.
  • Shelf systems can create a decorative element while making walls functional.

2. Decorative Mirrors:

  • Large mirrors can add depth and light to your room.
  • You can reshape the room with different shape and frame options of mirrors.

Conclusion: The Big Design offers endless possibilities for decorating walls like paintings. You can personalize the walls with decorative items such as paintings, artworks, photographs, wallpapers, stickers, mirrors and shelving systems. You can add a special atmosphere to your living space by creating a wall decoration that reflects the character of your home and makes you happy. Wall decoration is a great opportunity to complement your home and create a warm atmosphere.

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